I Am Finally on the Way Home

Of course the band is on the edge of breaking up, the lead guitarist thinks that everyone else is out to get him and he is probably right. The singer is back on the hard stuff again and the drummer shows up half drunk for most of the shows. It is business as usual for these guys. The biggest drama involved some Asian escorts in Las Vegas, a guy from the record label and his credit card. Of course this guy has his own problems with substance abuse and when he woke up with an enormous credit card bill he started to claim that our road crew had gotten hold of it and charged all of those girls on it. They told me what had happened. They were all more or less wasted, they less than the guy from the label. He decided to pay for all of them to have a great time. Apparently he knew just where to call for this sort of thing and the label had been paying for it for years, of course they had never paid for eleven of them at the same time.

There were a lot of pictures and videos, I never knew what this sort of entertainment cost a guy. However I was able to consider that these girls might well have been worth the small fortune that the label paid for them. All of the guys were delighted with the service and kept saying that they were going to give them five stars on Yelp. Of course when some other wasted idiot is paying for a night with a beautiful woman, it is hard to be a dissatisfied customer. I had my own drama to worry about. There was a minor fight between the singer and the drummer almost as soon as the last show ended. I think they may have finally broken up, but I got to the end of the tour and that was more than I had hoped for.