If you have heard of CBD and have pets, you must have surfed the internet for CBD for dogs. Yes, you read it write, CBD use for dogs and other pets promises tons of therapeutic benefits along with enhancing the overall health.

Still confused and faced with questions like “is CBD safe for animals”?  Is it really beneficial to health as many claims? 

CBD is an ingredient derived from cannabis or hemp and has been medically proven to ease anxiety and improve mental health. The best part is that it won’t get your pet ‘high.’ In fact, researchers are turning to this counter-herb for treating many psychological disorders.

How Does CBD Works For Dogs?

Just as it works for humans, CBD for dogs binds with the receptors in the dog’s nervous system, maintaining the body balance and keeping the dog calm and stress-free. 

CBD does not have any known side effects; neither is it addictive like THC. CBD holds several promising health benefits for your dog including:

Reduces Pet Anxiety

CBD’s therapeutic properties help relieve stress and anxiety in animals and phobias such as separation, anxiety, travel, noise anxiety, etc.

As CBD temporarily increases serotonin levels in the brain, it leads to mood betterment and promotes temporarily reduce feelings of anxiety or fear in your pet. 

Helps Mitigate Pain

Beside the psychological benefits, CBD is also recommended for its painkilling properties. It offers pain management in different ways for pets as it can momentarily stop anandamide absorption, which alleviates pain sensations keeping your pet relaxed in case of a painful experience.

Halts Cancer Growth

Our beloved pets are often victims of cancer and other malicious tumors with no known cure. Though Chemotherapy works to some extent, but carries a variety of side effects. 

However, research shows that CBD has exceptional anticancer effects as they have shown to slow both the spread and growth of cancer cells and decrease the tumor size in pets. CBG Oil also boosts the immune system helping in killing cancer cells.

Increases Appetite & Controls Nausea

CBD for dogs has been medically proven to increase appetite. Moreover, it has helped the dogs with nausea and vomiting issues as it is naturally antiemetic.

What Do Vets Say About CBD For Dogs?

In 2017, a WHO report declared CBD safe for pets. Vets across the board agreed on the following:

  • Always consult the vet first before introducing CBD to your pets.
  • Always opt for the purest form of CBD you can find. 
  • Always start with a small dosage and increase the dosage only if needed.

So, is CBD good for your dog? Let us know your thoughts.