Custom Mirrors Bring the Light

A mirror is a mirror right? You look it in everyday and it looks right back at you. We’re so focused on the reflection, we do not stop and think about the mirror itself. Have you ever picked up a toy mirror and felt disappointed by its lack luster reflection? Well most mirrors installed in hotels, homes, school bathrooms, changing rooms etc. can be just as unsatisfying. We just do not know it because we are used to it, and high quality custom mirror services in NJ can change the way you see things. If you live on the east coast, then their is a well known one called Vlad’s Shower Mirror and Glass. Custom mirror services are hard to come by due to their specialty, but should not be overlooked in any remodel or new construction building. The mirrors can be customized into any shape, tint or color. They are great for gyms and lobbies, and if there is an awkward space that you are not sure what to do with, put a mirror in! I am sure some of you are thinking about outdated buildings with living rooms filled with mirrors. Custom mirrors are made for the purpose of fitting today’s modern needs and style. My first condo had the original mirror, so I ripped it off and put a new one in. When my mom visited she noticed the bathroom was lighter and she was convinced I changed out the light fixtures. I pointed to the mirror, and said it was custom made, she was shocked that such an easy change made a big difference. If the thought of installation makes your nervous, all work is done professionally, so you won’t have to worry about any broken mirrors. Gone are the days of standing in a specific spot just to see your toes.