A Sudden Case of Wrist Pain

My grandfather was having a bit of trouble in his wrist. He was having some pain, but there was no sign that anything had happened to it. His bones didn’t feel broken, he didn’t have a sprained muscle, and he had never been diagnosed with arthritis. He had to make an appointment to see the doctor. In the mean time, he needed something to get rid of the pain, so I told him that he could have something out of my medicine cabinet. He looked through the pain medications and asked me where the Soma pill s were.

I didn’t know what my grandfather was referring to, and thought it was some kind of male enhancement pill that he had been taking. He told me that it was a pain mediation that was better than all of the other ones that he found in my cabinet. Since I didn’t even know they existed, I didn’t have any, but my grandfather told me that I could easily buy some and they would be here in the same day. So I went online and found a website that would ship the pills to my house. I asked my grandfather how he found out about the pills, and he told me that a friend had used them before.

Once the pills arrived, my grandfather took one and his wrist was feeling much better. We then went to the bowling alley because he wanted to try for a perfect game. It’s something that he was been trying to get ever since he was just a little boy, but could never pull it off. By way of some kind of miracle, he was actually able to do it that day, and everyone in the bowling alley looked at him in awe. There was no way the medication could have helped him, or maybe it did.