A Brief KPOS Scout Review

Read this article for KPOS scout review and get useful tips you need to know about the weapon. 


    The rifle has a stick folded length of 12.83 inches. 

    The stock extended length of the rifle is 21.3 inches. 

    It has a height of 6.69 inches, 23.39 ounces, and 2.36 inches in length. 

The KPOS Scout represents a very modern design that utilizes advanced polymers’ technology to minimize weight. 

Benefits of KPOS Scout 

    The upper portion is designed with Aluminum to accommodate ported Glocks. Interestingly, the model accepts any compact or full size ranging from 9mms, 40 S& W models gen three to five, and 357 SIGs. 

    Picatinny dose rails for optic and flashlights. 

    A QD port is provided at the rear of the gun to help you add a sling. 

    The gun’s folding stick is easy to fold and deploy.

    Interestingly, you can fire the weapon with the stock folded. 


KPOS Scout is designed for use with standard Glock. The kit’s installation involves the separation of the slide from the frame and installing it. The slide is then installed on the frame. Slide the rear portion forward such that you will have the gun fully installed and ready to work. 

On the range

When everything is installed and having a few ETS 31 rounds, you can start hitting the range. KPOS Scout has an excellent charging feature on the handle like AR 15. But it’s much bigger than the average. The extra size eases working the gun and getting it ready for action. You will an extremely generous ejection with the KPOS Scout. This ensures a minimal possibility of being caught at the KPOS Scout frame or the sides. 

Final Thoughts

KPOS Scout features a handy and light way of turning a standard Glock pistol into a compact rifle. I am sure you might love this futuristic space gun that functions like a Glock and looks sleek.

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