What You Need To Know About Led UV Curing System

An ultraviolet curing system is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet rays are used during printing. The system is capable of generating extreme light while maintaining minimal power consumption. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are electrical modules that are commonly used in lighting applications. For ink-curing purposes, they are structured in arrays of many LEDs. The system tends to generate a narrow range of wavelengths of UV as compared to mercury vapor lamps. It is always advisable to use inks that have maximum sensitivity to those wavelengths.

Most printer manufacturers supply inks for use on their customers’ printers. The UV-LEDs do not generate infrared light or radiant heat. This helps prevent the printer from heating up while printing documents. It makes it possible to use heat-sensitive materials. Thinner plastics, for instance, such as vinyl, can be used as they will not clip under the LEDs.

Some of the benefits of a LED UV curing system are:

1.  Long-lasting

The UV-LEDs are estimated to have a long-lasting effect of about 9500-14000 hours. This depends on the heat dispersion rate.  For instance, if the UV-Led operates for 7 hours a day, with 9500 hours, it is capable of lasting for about 4 years. The system can be switched off whenever it is not operating. This means the service life would have been extended. Another thing is that they rarely require any replacement during the life span of the printer. Ventilation is less required as there is no emission of hazardous gases like in the case of mercury lamps. The hazardous ozone gas generated by mercury lamps can be controlled by using glass that filters the wavelength that is generating the ozone gas. Since mercury is highly poisonous, the lamps need to be disposed of properly, following environmental laws. Since the LED system has a long-lasting effect, there is less waste generated.

2.  Fast switching

The system can be easily switched on and off very easily without any damage. The mercury lamps function on short-circuit. They are normally kept on, whether you are printing or not. The printer speed tends to vary, as do the energy requirements of the system. The mercury lamp output will only vary when the power input is changed. The LEDs can be switched easily, so it will be possible to vary the light output. The brightness can be reduced or increased by changing the input power levels. Since the LEDs are switched rapidly, it will be much easier to change the light output. The system can be pulsed when not in use to reduce its power output. This makes it easier to extend their lifetime. This in turn helps extend the life of the printer as well.

3.  Environmentally friendly

The LED curing system uses specially formulated adhesives and inks that do not contain any solvents. The system emits volatile organic compounds, which are not hazardous to the environment. The LEDs do not use any mercury, which is toxic to the environment because it interferes with the ozone layer, hence causing the greenhouse effect. The system also helps save on the cost of cooling air blowers and ozone extraction systems.

To create high-quality brochures for your company to showcase your products and services, you need to choose the best printing technique. Good printing technology can make it easier for you to attract more leads to your company. You can opt to use the UV curing system. This is because the system has UV light used to cure the adhesives and ink. UV lights can be separated into resin and photoinitiator. The photoinitiator does not mix with the resin. The photoinitiator takes part in absorbing the UV light. Once the UV light is obtained, the photoinitiator undergoes a reaction, making it easier for the ink coating to harden. This makes the brochure look attractive and appealing for potential clients to read.

This curing technique makes sure that once the printing process begins through the LED UV printer, the instant dying technique won’t soak the ink into the materials. This in turn helps enhance the colors, making them brighter. This makes it easier to provide a good visual presentation.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are innumerable benefits associated with the UV curing system. The above article illustrates some of the benefits a business can enjoy. It is always advisable to use printers that use LEDs to get the best results.

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